Natural Burial has been practiced for thousands of years in the past.

Natural Burial returns the body to the earth in a smooth and natural way.

Natural Burial methods are embraced by thousands of people around the world.

Embracing The Idea of Natural Burial

Many people today want to live a greener life while we’re still alive. We eat organic food and drive around town in our hybrid or electric vehicles. Some of us even use a bicycle instead to get around whenever possible. We have become adept at recycling and would never dream of throwing away what we can bring down to the recycle center. So why don’t we think this way when it comes to dying?

Bury Me Green

If you were to take a walk through any major city you would see that there are huge parcels of land set aside to simply hold the dead. Graveyards take up more and more real estate and it’s hard to find more in some areas. While you could be cremated, there is another way that is becoming more and more popular. It is the decision to not be embalmed and to be buried in a natural coffin that will become a part of the land around it. It is called natural burial.

Parks Instead Of Graveyards

The places where many people are choosing to be buried in this way look more like parks than any kind of cemetery. That is because in concept they are parks. Meadows that lead to small groves of trees are nurtured by the rich soil created when people are buried in this natural way.

Greening The Mortuary Business

As more people embrace this idea, the mortuary business is beginning to understand they need to change their thinking. Embalming, once a ritual you could not avoid, has now become just an option for burial. After all, if you are not having an open casket why would you need to preserve the body?

Considering The Green Option

We know that we are part of the cycle of life and death on this planet. By making our death a part of the earth like our lives are a part of the earth, we can embrace this new view.