Sue A. Miller

Environment and simplicity are a recurring theme in my life. I want to honour & make aware, our natural environment plays in life from a universal perspective. My objective is to create space in my paintings for the viewer to weave themselves into, with a sense of mystery while at the same time, a sense of place & connectedness at a deeper level.

My work is about capturing the essence of  landscape. I am inspired mainly by the Atlantic coast lines and expansive landscapes around the Georgian Triangle, but the work is not held to specific places or scenes. They are an intuitive & energetic response to a collective imprint of water & landscape. I feed off the immediate energy & emotion of a piece. Starting with no specific plan, only a vague idea of mood, imagery & colour palette…then the painting evolves as a dialogue and I let it take the lead, only inputing as it requests.

With warm under painted tones, and viscous layers of oil paint applied with the knife, the painting evolves & takes on a life of it’s own.

Peter Adams

Peter Adams has painted in oils for over twenty-five years.  He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and now lives on a farm outside of Creemore, Ontario. Within the natural rhythms and rich textures of hi subjects, he is drawn to the interplay between order and chaos, grace and tragedy, mystery and clarity.  He frequently explores the symbiotic and regenerative powers of the natural world and is especially interested in the realm in which human and natural worlds meet - both in harmony and in opposition.                          

Jennifer Johnson

My oil paintings are inspired by the unique light that bathes the water and landscapes of the Georgian Bay area.   My paintings also explore the risky business of using the palette knife.  Using the knife creates “accidents” of texture, colour and mood which, when successful, unite the objective landscape with my own emotional and spiritual responses.   I am interested in that place where the eye and the spirit, working unconsciously through the knife create a statement about nature and the soul.
I hope that my work inspires viewers to embrace the natural world as part of their own “soul” experience.
On a more mundane note, I also enjoy creating works that are pleasing to the eye and that would bring the joy of nature into living and work spaces.

Martha Bull 

I'm Martha Bull, owner of My Time Watercolour. My teaching system is flexible and my positive, constructive feedback promises to further your success. My joy is sharing this wonderful medium with individuals who have a broad range of art experience.  Your artistic desires are personal.  Your artistic vision and style will be yours.  I ill help you find your personal artistic expression and push you gently in that direction.